28.10.2022 - FOLK NIGHT

It's been over a year since the CRYSTAL CAVE was built, and in all that time since its creation, the goal has never been lost sight of. 
But how did the most crystallized nightclub in Eorzea come into being in the first place? 

The creation of VITA and the CRYSTAL CAVE

When Kalish Scathach formed the Elementa Vitae society, no one could have imagined that the CRYSTAL CAVE would soon come into being. 

Originally a home for the homeless, travelers and castoffs, Mommy took in her children and taught them all kinds of things. Gradually, the most diverse people found their way to VITA, which, as planned, became a home to many different ancestries, sexualities and genders. 

Together they spent a lot of time and so it happened one day that some went to a nightclub. They loved the feeling of coming together, the exchange and the atmosphere that distracted them from the stressful everyday life. 
A wish was born: 
The home of VITAS should also become home once a week for everyone who wanted to spend a good time. A home where everyone was welcome no matter what gender, what sexuality or what descent one had. 


A part of the VITA FC


The CRYSTAL CAVE management

A crystal as a sign of acceptance of diversity.

LIGHT - LICH - MIST - Ward 8 - Plot 5

In order to provide enough space for the guests, they wanted to expand the guild house. Since the property could not be extended, the members decided to expand downwards, armed with a pickaxe. After the first blows were struck into the stone, a bright blue crystal emerged from underneath. This gigantic crystal rested under the guild house. 

So the guild members made their way down a passage and began to hammer a large space into the crystal. They disguised this and began to decorate it into a nightclub.

The members of VITA assigned themselves tasks while the organizing team of VITA included the club as an additional point of their organization.

This interaction is what makes the club so warm.  

You want that feeling of being welcome and celebrate in a crystal at  the same time? 

Then join us: